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You lifted your bag higher on your shoulder as you walked down the moonlit street. he floor was wet from last nights rain and the air smelt fresh. You loved the weather when it was like this. Everything felt cool and new.

You reached the end of the street and turned into the familiar alleyway. It was a shortcut you always took. Sure, it was dark and there was the odd person that didn't look exactly right but nothing had happened. You cold practically call it safe. 

The further you walked down the alley, the darker it got. There was a layer of mist that hovered around your ankles. Despite the familiarity, the hairs on the back of your neck stood up.

Something crashed behind you and you whipped around, catching the blur of someone in the corner of your eye. Your eyes darted around as you pulled your coat tighter and carried on walking. 

It was eerily silent. Water dripped loudly from some unseen source and your footsteps echoed on the wet floor. 

Suddenly, something else crashed behind you. Cans tumbled to the floor and windows smashed. 

With no hesitation, you ran. You caught sight of someone in each window, before it smashed into shards above your head. 

The toe of your boot caught a paving stone and you tumbled forward. Instinctively, you shot out a hand to catch yourself. The corner of a stone slashed against it, cutting your palm. 

You dragged yourself into a sitting position, clutching your hand and breathing heavily. 

After a few moments, you cautiously got up. You took a couple of limping steps and then ran again. 

Something appeared behind you, much, much faster than you. It ran beside you, a blur in the night. You heard laughter and then an agonising pain exploded in your leg, followed almost immediately by the sound of your bone breaking. 

You stumbled and something hard threw you against the wall. You screamed but a hand clamped over your mouth, muffling the sound to a whimper. 

You scrabbled at the attackers arm but he just laughed again and effortlessly pulled your arm back. Once again, you screamed as another blinding pain and snap exploded in your arm. 

Tears streaked down your face and you eventually stopped struggling. Your arm hung uselessly at your side. 

The creep trailed a finger down your cheek, "Aren't you a pretty one." 

Despite the situation, anger tickled down your spine and with your good hand, you slapped the creep. 

He growled and you saw a pair of red eyes glowing. "That wasn't nice was it?" 

You said nothing but he'd noticed something. He grabbed the hand you'd cut. He lifted it to his face and took in a deep breath through his nose, "Mmm. Pretty and smells good. Let's see if you taste good too."  He looked up at you and grinned, revealing glistening fangs.

You tried to yank your hand away but he was too strong. What was he??

Before you could think anything, he pulled your head to the side and leaned into your neck. "I think I'll let you scream." He pulled his hand away from your mouth and sunk his fangs into your neck. 

A scream tore from your throat and more tears streaked down your face again. 

The white hot pain spread from your neck and through your body. 

Blood ran down your neck and body, pooling on the floor. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you knew you should be worried but the pain was too much.

Eventually, after what seemed forever, the pain turned into numbness.

Your vision dulled and the vampire dropped you. You hit the floor with a painful thud. 

Just before everything went black, you heard footsteps at the end of the alley. Then the pain came back and you finally passed out into oblivion...


Garrett's P.O.V

Garrett whistled as he sauntered down the road. Tonight was a good night. He'd got a good hunt and managed to stay unseen. He walked past a turning but stopped dead. Blood. 

He turned and walked down the alley, following his nose. 

The alley was dark but his keen red eyes picked out the figure on the floor. That would be the source of the blood. 

He crouched down and saw a bite mark on the girls neck. He moved her hair over her shoulder to see it better. It was starting to heal. But she needed blood and fast, otherwise the venom would kill her not change her. 

Garrett slid one arm under her arms and another under her legs. He stood and noticed an arm and a leg hung at an odd angle. 

Another reason she needed blood. 

He walked forward and passed under a liight. He looked down and nearly dropped her. 


The girl looked like him but had her own beauty. 

Suddenly, his mind flew back to the past. He remembered a snow covered field, hooded figures and the small child. He remembered Ben, creating a gorge. 

Garrett shook his head to get rid of the vision. 

Being careful of her broken bones, Garrett picked up the pace. He and the girl became a blur as he followed his memory and made his way to Benjamin's. 

-Time skip-

Garrett walked up the path to Ben's front door. 

He reached the door and didn't knock. Ben would know he was there. 

Sure enough, the door opened. "Garrett? It's good to see you again!" Ben's face broke into an easy smile. 

"Likewise. But I'm not here for a friendly visit."

Benjamin's smile dropped into a frown, "Why? What is it?"

In answer, Garrett stepped further into the light, revealing the girl to Ben. Her hair fell back, the bite on her neck glistening with blood. 

Ben threw the door open wider, "______?!"

Garrett nodded, "I knew she was, is sister. But she needs help. She needs blood. Now."

Ben nodded and stepped back.

Garrett shifted _____ and stepped into the house.
My new story!!! Do you like it so far?


Garrett - Vampire in Breaking Dawn part 2. He's described as a patriot. I like him :) 
Benjamin - Also in Breaking Dawn part 2 - He has power to control the elements. He's awesome :)
You - (Insert how awesome you are here ;) )

Later on in the story, it'll be a crossover with...

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